Dean Bowling Club Edinburgh
Dean Bowling Club Edinburgh
Dean Bowling Club Edinburgh
Dean Bowling Club Edinburgh

2017 Has been a good season for us at Dean Bowling Club winning E&LBA Triples, EBL KO Singles and the 3rds winning division 2


Winner of EBL KO singles Mr Bob Linton Final held at Queensberry Bowling Club Saturday 2nd September 2017. Congratulations Bob you played greats bowls!!!!


 3rd team winners of 2nd division 2017 Vice President Tom Willis collecting the trophy  from EBL president Brian Jempson and Alan Hartman (Alpha Trophies)

2017 Winners of the E&L.B.A Triples Held at Collinton bowling club 1st July 2017

Roddy Watson, Bob Clayton and Kevin Pendleton ( Kevin McNab helped them all the way to the final)

Congratulations to you all well deserved Winners!!!!

New Full Members £50.00 only

(first season only)

(This only applies to new members not past members)


All social Memberships £20.00













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Please call down at the club and arrange to try bowls with a member

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        Any children's, 18th or 21st parties









Try Bowls

We would like to thank everyone who came to our try bowls event recently. 

           Many Thanks 

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Dean Bowling Club Edinburgh



We would be delighted if you can come join us here at the club, Either as a social member or a full playing member, Our club is open all year round.


Would you like to try a game of bowls and find out what the sport can offer you?



You can benefit from our club that offers you official coaching in the game, Enjoy our bar facilities at club prices, Snooker/pool, Darts dominoes in the winter months and meet new friends in a friendly atmosphere.



All ages welcome male or female

If interested please fill in the form on

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A Committee member then will make contact with you.


Current membership fees are


£120 Full member

                                         £50 New full member

                 ( only applies to new members not past members)

£10 Junior member 

 £20 Social member


(sorry no pets allowed)







Much has happened in 116 years of Dean Bowling, many significant Games and events, many turning points, a host of “characters” and Personalities, a fair modicum of skill and spirit displayed, and huge enjoyment. What is memorable for one member is not necessarily so for another, and one person’s outstanding player, or official, or “worthy” is not necessarily another’s, such is life, and there is no doubting that Dean has seen life to the full.

First Clubhouse 1900
Clubhouse 1907
Members behind the clubhouse 1950
Present day 2015





The History Of  Scottish Bowling

Bowling throughout the world in its present governance is due to the persistence of a Scottish Bowler, Mr W.W.Mitchell from Glasgow.

Until bowling was standardised with an acceptable set of rules it was played in many forms throughout Britain and beyond.

W.W.Mitchell created the first Rules of Bowling

W.W.Mitchell wrote the first Rules of Bowling which became the basis of the game we now play.

The original Bowling Rules which were universally adopted by all have since been amended as required and now provides a sound basis for the great game that has evolved.

In 1848 representatives of around 200 Scottish clubs attended a meeting in Glasgow with the intention of unifying the game of Bowls across the country with a standard set of rules.

Until then towns and villages made their own rules which created disharmony and confusion when they played each other.

The meeting allowed many points to be raised and debated but unfortunately closed without agreement and the moment was lost to create a Scottish Bowling Body to oversee the game across the land.

However a general agreement that rules standardisation was necessary for the good of the game prompted the formation of a committee which convened in 1849; the next year.

Mr William W. Mitchell, a member of Willow Bank Bowling Club and a Lawyer, became the secretary and took it upon himself to write the first set of Bowling Rules which were accepted firstly by the West of Scotland then universally by all clubs in Scotland.

The first publication of the Laws of our game did not take place until 1864.

 The creation of the Scottish Bowling Association

Mr James Brown of Sanquhar first mooted that a Scottish association should be formed.

In 1889 a Mr James Brown of Sanquhar wrote to the Scotsman Newspaper  suggesting again that we form a National Association of authority recognised and accepted by all Scottish clubs.

The rules as they were written by W.W. Mitchell were found to be wanting and needed updating to cease persistent disagreements.

A Mr James Pretsell from Edinburgh’s Lutton Place Bowling Club aligned himself with Mr Mitchell and bowlers from the east of Scotland in calling for a Scottish Association.

Although not initially convinced the Bowlers from Glasgow eventually agreed to take part in the meeting.

A short time later, in 1892, when eventually the Scots got their act together they created the Scottish Bowling Association which has the distinction of being the world’s first to be formed.

By 12th September 1892 James Brown had his wish with 105 delegates attending from all over Scotland.

At this historic meeting in the Waterloo Rooms of Glasgow the Scottish Bowling Association was formed.

Mr James Brown acted as Secretary and became Interim Secretary.

Showing a scanned image of the first "Rules of Bowling"

Sixteen days later he offered his Draft Constitution and the name Scottish Bowling Association was formally accepted.

Priority was given to creating an amended set of rules and the adoption of James Brown’s “Manual of Bowling” as published in 1892.

We are Located at:

Dean Bowling Club

18 Comely Bank Terrace, Edinburgh EH4 1AS


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Dean Bowling Club

18 Comely Bank Terrace
EH4 1AS Edinburgh


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