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New Full Members £50.00 only

(first season only)


(This only applies to new members not past members)


All social Memberships £20


    All About Dean Bowling Club

It is now difficult to imagine the green and the club in the early days. The streets and the buildings that now surround it were either just built, half built or not built at all. The Dean estate stretched from Dean park street to orchard Brae and Comely Bank Road to the south Learmonth Gardens and this was the Club's catchment area. The Clubhouse was very small and number of bowlers in the area was very limited. However, membership reached 77 within a few months and competitive play against other clubs beagn in 1901. Though the proposed fixture list was submitted to the Edinburgh East Scotland Bowling Annual for 1901 lists Parsons Green, it would appear that the first match was a home fixture v Dunlop, the Dean winning 45 up. This was followed by a 46-45 win v Blackhall away.first clubhouse was built 1900 (pictured below) and other parts added later over the years to what the clubhouse looks like now.


For more history of the club, why not become a member and chat to others who can fill you in on the history of the club, and take a look at the honour boards around the clubhouse.


So why not come down and try your hand at bowls, we hold open days through out the season or become a social member and enjoy a refreshment from our delightful bar while watching a game of bowls. Or why not just become a full member and enjoy both and meet the friendly members of Dean Bowling Club here in Edinburgh.  Bowling is a family sport and we wish to encourage younger members to our club, The club has Qualified coaches to assist all players.


The coaches can help you with all aspects of the game including:
  • Bowling for Beginners
  • Bowl Selection
  • Bowl & Jack Delivery
  • Green Etiquette
  • Dress Codes
  • Shot Selection
  • Laws of the Game
  • Marking Ties
  • Measuring Shots


Memerships fees for 2021


Full Membership £120



          First time Membership Only £50



Social Memebership £20



  Junior Members £10


               Student membership £30


We offer everyone a free introductory session with our coach to give you a taster of what the game is all about. If you enjoy it (and we're sure you will!) our Coach will teach you how to play the game, then you can play as often as you like. Then when you feel confident enough, you can enter the inter-club competitions and start playing the game competitively.

Bowls is famous for it's friendly nature and great social outlet. It's a game where you will meet new people and make great friends for life. The "old man's game" image the sport used to portray no longer exists with many young people playing the game to a high level.


In the Winter months why not join us playing Domino's, Snooker and Billiards. or just enjoy a wee dram and a chat with others Members.





How do I start?


If you ask around your friends one of them is sure to know of (or be a member of)  a local Bowling Club. Every town or village have them.

You will be able to try your hand fairly quickly once you find your nearest green.

With a Municipal Club, booking a rink with bowls included will cost very little for an hour or so.

If all you want is to experience the good game of bowls paying only a moderate fee every time you go then a Municipal Club may be your first call.

However, if you know a friend who is a member of a Private Bowling Club they can arrange for you to bowl with them as a guest. This should not cost you anything (well, maybe a drink in the bar afterwards).


How often should I play?


 You can play as often as you like if you enjoy the experience or want to improve your game.

Being a newcomer to the sport you should start by playing friendly (or social) games where there is nothing at stake. This is the best way to be introduced to the basic rules and etiquette required when playing the game of Lawn Bowls.

It is also a great way to acquaint yourself with many new friends (or Fellow Bowlers).

 Initially you may just want to play with known friends. Soon you will be enticed into playing bounce games or at your club’s “Wappenschaw” or “Hat Night” where teams are selected out of a hat and you play in the position you happen to pick.

Don’t forget, you will always be wanting to “Up Your Game” so using non competition games and bounce games to practise different shots can only help enhance your bowling skills.


How successful can I become?


Don’t expect to become the best bowler in the club straight away. This will take time!

You will not therefor win every game you play, however hard you try.

Old heads in the bowling fraternity may offer consolation stating, “You will lose more games than you will win”.

This is true to a certain extent but fairly consistently in club competitions the best bowlers in a club will have won a good few rounds before reaching a “one of”  semi final or winning a competition.

So, practise is the only way to becoming a highly successful bowler with many victories to your name.

Your ultimate goal should be to win your club’s Championship then go on to represent them in the National finals.  Good Luck!


So what do I need to learn?

 Firstly you must try playing the game of bowls to find out if you think the sport is for you.

You may wish to have someone teach you the basic skills and general Bowling Etiquette. In most clubs you will find that they have at least one person who is a fully qualified Bowling Coach. They are bowlers who have enjoyed the sport for a long time and are willing to pass on their experience to others. They have studied and must have achieve their Bowling Coaching Certificate from their National Bowling Association.

Many seasoned bowlers who wish to sort something out in their game ask the bowling coach if they will help.  They do this willingly and at no cost to  the bowler.


What will a Bowling Coach teach me?


You will be taught the rules of Bowls used the world over.

You will also be shown how to Set the Mat, Throw and Set the Jack, deliver the bowl consistently and accurately, observe the Bowling Etiquette, Measure contesting bowls proximity to the jack and how to play all the various shots competently.


With so few shots is it an easy game?


There are literally only 6 types of shots used in Lawn Bowls.

Sure, you must be thinking, it must be an easy game then.

For you to become an accomplished and successful bowler you must be able to play all of these shots with accuracy and with regular consistency when required.

Although this sounds easy you will only achieve this competent level if time is spent practising these basic shots in bounce games and in the heat of competitions.

This practise should improve your ability, technique and confidence.

You will then be able to play them successfully in the competitions which your Bowling Club organises.

Entering competitions and putting your skills against your opponents is the best way to progress your ability and gain invaluable experience which can only be achieved in competitive games.





We are Located at:

Dean Bowling Club

18 Comely Bank Terrace, Edinburgh EH4 1AS


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